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Irish scientists have developed biodegradable non-sticky chewing gum, So..

Anytime News sent Shiso Tight and Chuckie McGee out to the streets of Ireland to find out what the people think of chewing gum, in general, and what needs to be done about the waste left glued to our streets.

This week it was reported that Ireland is considering tough new proposals on waste management and recyling, including a programme to target the management of the endless chewing gum waste. This is something that could have major implications for confectionery manufacturers.

The University College Cork team -- led by Prof Elke Arendt -- has developed a new prototype which benefits include the ability to chew it, blow bubbles with it and then, after 45 minutes, it dissolves in the chewer's mouth.

This will avoid the problem of seeing it littered on our streets and paths and will also be safe enough to swallow.


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